Good Vibrations was founded on the idea that in the past many progressive companies had seen the benefit of their Predictive Maintenance Programs by having it performed by in-house technicians. Recent industry demands have resulted in decreasing resources, both financial and labor related which have caused many otherwise successful programs to falter. High maintenance costs on software and hardware have also kept companies from using the latest technology improvements to their advantage.

Good Vibrations can provide multiple predictive technologies including Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic Sound Analysis, as well as the Corrective Services of Dual Laser Alignment and Field Balancing. We can supplement your people thru Predictive Maintenance Program outsourcing and can also support your people thru complete machinery health training with onsite and remote coaching and support. We can offer individual reasonably priced packages tailored just to meet your company’s needs.

Reactive Maintenance – Maintenance done in response to an equipment breakdown, also called fire fighting.

Preventive Maintenance – Maintenance done at time based intervals, typically over maintaining your equipment.

Predictive Maintenance – Maintenance done in response to measured equipment condition. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Vibration analysis can qualify if your equipment is broke.

Proactive Maintenance – Maintenance done in response to Root Cause Failure Analysis. If you are finding the same bearing going bad every 2 months, wouldn’t you want to know why?